Tuesday, 9 September 2014

OMG - did we really wear these outfits??

Alarmingly familiar!!

Now this is 'matchy-matchy'!!! Double or quadruple denim? Denim boot?
And get this the guy's jeans are called the "Big Yank"!!!

Oh dear these checks are still around!! Rustic? Not sure about that! 
But definitely lurve those knitted slacks! Not!!

OMG!!!!! Charming!!!!!!

Casual weekend wear!!!!! Particularly love those 'little' shorts!!

Where do I look!!! Must be "Pants Off Friday" again!!

 Overalls are IN again!! Oh no!!!!

The before and after "ANYTHING" suit????
Now where's that martini?

The "piece de resistance". This is what happens when all the "matchy matchy" people breed!!!!


Glenda :)

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