Friday, 29 August 2014

Newest Pendants!

Here's a couple of my most recent wirewrapped pendants. All are handcrafted lampwork glass beads sourced from Australian artists.

I really enjoyed wrapping these beautiful beads. They are on sale in my etsy store :

Glenda :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Trawling for DIY Projects

Hi there,
as a dedicated Block viewer I have been following the show and enjoying it heaps!

My favourite couple from this year is Chris and Jenna. They have a great attitude to both the block and life.

In Block Pop Up Shop George and Bec from the Sky High series - voted most favourite couple that year - helping design, supply and display the items for sale. Oh and sign autographs!

So doing some trawling further and found Bec's blog.

Here are some Spring them projects I found there!

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas
how cute!!!

Fruit Slice Umbrellas

follow the link to learn how to make them!

A spring inspired pinata!

 ....and how nice is this!!

Printable Fruit Garland

Printable fruit garland // freebie by minieco

very summery! 
Just click the link to find out more!!

So much more on both these pages - check them out!!

Glenda :)