Friday, 25 July 2014

My Ceramic Beads!!

As promised here is a pic of the Ceramic Beads I made at the Bead Retreat. I loved making them and experimenting. So in my Zen place. 
Have done lots of claywork in the past and it felt so good do be working in that medium again. 
Luckily a bit of a search on google found a ceramics studio not far from me where I could make stuff. I am going to follow that up once my feet hit the ground!

Hmmm thinking what I will make with them......

Glenda :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hi there,

I just had thought that as yet there are not many pics on here of my work. So here are just some of Natalie Jones's ceramic pendants that I have wirewrapped.

I use Beadsmith non-tarnish wire in goldplate, silverplate, rose gold colour, gunmetal, copper. antique copper, antique bronze.

There are more colours if someone requests something different - red, blue, green, brown, pink and more


And a couple of Tree of Life pendants.

Cheers! xxx

Glenda :)

Winding down after the Bead Retreat

Well I think maybe I have come back to earth!! What a fabulous time with about 50 other women who love to make jewellery!!

The Retreat was held at the YMCA's Camp Manyung 
Although sometimes the walk from our cosy cabins through the pouring rain to the dining hall seemed a little bit long and steep. Yeah I know I'm a woos!

Camp Cottages
The cabins.
Lunch time at Camp Manyung
The dining hall.
The view from above.

Food was great and the cakes fabulous but this retreat was about people getting together not the accommodation! And what lovely people! 

We shared so much in that short time together.
Many of us only knew each other online so to meet IRL was fantastic!!

Meeting the artists whose work I had drooled over was sort of like meeting a celebrity! My celebrities were Pauline Delaney - lampworking - and Natalie Jones - ceramics. I did workshops with both these ladies in making glass beads and making ceramic beads respectively. 

I am hoping to be able to continue developing my skills in those 2 areas so I can eventually make jewellery using my own beads.

Here their sites so you can see their beautiful work!

So here are some pics from the Retreat Flower Power Party! Groovy man!

Yes I am there in the centre, bottom middle at my lampwork class with Pauline
and posing with fellow retreaters in my hot pink stockings.
And yes I have a flower in my hair,
a flower pendant and earring set a la moi
and some other sundry beady things.

Everyone dressed up so fabulously and it reminded me of the colour and life of the flower power era. 
The appreciation of nature, valuing the individuality of each person, the willingness to think differently and be open to new experiences and ideas.

Not a bad era really - certainly not a 'me' generation. Yes I was there and I do remember it. 

The ideal of love and peace between all people while not really workable was a worthwhile idea and is still something to be hoped for.
OK that's enough sentimental waffle!

 Here are my lampwork beads - not too bad for a beginner.
Still need cleaning and then to work out what to make with them! Stay tuned!!

And down there in the right hand corner are just 4 of my ceramic beads. 
Waiting with baited breath to see how the rest will turn out.

And a disclaimer here - these photos (except my glass beads) were NOT taken by me but other retreaters - mainly Janelle. Thank you for letting my use your pics!

And now for 2015 see

Cheers xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Aussie Beading Retreat July 2014 Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia

Flower power!! What a great 4 days!! Learnt so much, met so many gorgeous people and had such fun!

This is a retreat where beaders get together and bead and share skills in the form of workshops.

Lampworking, ceramic beads, seed beads, ring making and more!!!

Prior to the retreat we were all asked to produce a jewellery piece along the them of Peace Love and Beads.

Here they are:

Here's my piece:

   Glenda xx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Special Birthday...

The 1st of July is the anniversary of the birthday of Princess Diana. She would have been 53!
Hard to imagine what her life would have been like now. Great loss especially to her boys who, luckily, seem to take after her side of the family.
So here is a few pictures to remind us how beautiful she was.




Just a few of the pics ....