Thursday, 19 June 2014

Vinnies Sleepout Tonight

Some facts about homeless people:

  • Social disadvantage a fundamental component of the relationship between trauma and homelessnessC #EOSleepoutAU
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  • Where's KairosCJ ? @VinniesVictoria #CEOSleepoutAU thanks to @iangris and to Martin Day @SVPHMelb @CathSocServVic
  • Vic homeless study: 88% met criteria for current diagnosis of a mental health disorder #CEOSleepoutAU
  • Almost $10 million in funds raised at Vinnies shops annually in Victoria is used to support people in need
  • There's almost 23,000 people homeless in Victoria
  • "The homeless don't have a loud voice. You do. You have power and connections. Act locally, and help us end this." Mark
How many of these facts did you know?? What can we do?? Something to think about ...........

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