Monday, 16 June 2014


Ok so this is my third go at a blog. Who knows what it will become!

Right now though I need to get off my laptop and backside and go have a shower and wash my hair! Big job!

Always a mistake to check stuff online before I get out of my pjs. Get so distracted. Update this, update that, tweet something else, instagram another pic or pin it (haven't done that yet today)

I think I could really spend 24hrs a day I think and never get it all done. Not to mention my website or stores - or actually making stuff.

But then I have a whole heap of BAS statements to get up to date! Yes I have promised myself when I finish them I can go back to making some jewellery - my 'job'!

Well now here's me :

I have started this page I will fiddle with it later to put links and pics up! Phew!


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