Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sharing Art Jewelry Elements

Hi there, here some sharing again from another blog I like!

Art Jewelry Elements

Here you will lots of gorgeous jewellery, ideas and tutorials.
Here are some pics to excite you - they excited me!!
On a seaside theme ~

Lovely aren't they?
Pop by their blog to see some more!!!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Some Reading I Have Been Doing About Refugees ...

Just for a change of tack let's talk about something real and very serious - the inhumane way we treat asylum seekers.
Yes asylum seekers or refugees NOT illegal immigrants.
Do you know that under the UN anyone has the right, yes the right to seek asylum in any country they choose.
We have a duty to provide asylum to them - yes of course they need to be assessed but we do not need to treat them so despicably.
I, for one, am ashamed of how our country treats these desperate people.
Here is an article that discusses a better way to go and a workable solution if only the politicians could be human and stop playing politics.
It make me sick to the stomach that the general public is so easily brainwashed and turned against an already disadvantaged people.

Here is the link if you wish to read the whole article by Julian Burnside :

Here's an excerpt from the article:
"However, even if every boat person stayed on full Centrelink benefits for the whole time it took to decide their refugee status, it would cost the government only about $500 million a year, all of which would go into the economy of country towns.  By contrast, the current system costs between $4 billion and $5 billion a year.  We would save billions of dollars a year, and we would be doing good rather than harm."

So it costs us more in money terms to mistreat these refugees and 'detain' them than to allow them to live and work in our community.
If saving money is important then why does the govt continue to do things like this?

Anyway maybe have a read and make up your own mind.

So this blog is not just about my jewellery and other artists but anything at all.
So just saying ...
Contributions of thoughts and ideas are welcome...

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Germano Arts

Coming up to the Beading Retreat in a couple of weeks I have been reading Teena Germano's blogging about the last Retreat she went to.

some pics
everyone hard at work!

Natalie Jones from Peruzi helping a student.

I am going to be doing workshops in making ceramic beads and pendants with Natalie! Woohoo!!

Here's some of Teena's work


And most importantly here is the link to her store : 
and facebook

Teena is a teacher at the Retreat this year - Micro Screws and Rivets!

A bit about me! Clockwork Tree of Life Pendants

Tree of Life.

Recently I have been making pendants using the Tree of Life. Here are some I have made in wirework using watch parts. Does this make them 'Steam Punk' I wonder?

Brass wire with brass, silver cogs
                                                                        Antique Bronze wire with brass cogs and tiny Greek ceramic beads.

Gunmetal and copper wire with brass and silver cogs

Silver wire with brass and silver cogs.

Then I thought I'd be a bit silly and 'upcycled' some buttons! 
Yes buttons!! 
Here they are :
Pink buttons and red bicone crystals with Rose Gold coloured wire

Silver wire pearly black buttons & silver bicone beads

A bit of fun hey??

Focus on creativekhadija

Today I was checking out people on my blog list so I am today focusing on 'creativekhadija' - she is passionate about Arts and Crafts.

Here is one of her tutorials

keyring making
This looks good doesn't it?

Here are some of the bits you use
Upcycling, recycling idea!!


There are lots of tutorials on this blog - take a look!!

DIY ceramic beads bracelet    charm bracelet tutorial  pink ribbon necklace diy

and not just jewellery

Here some more ideas!
Spring Nest hanger       Mirror Decorated with Shells & pearlswall art mirror ideas

See more on her blog!

Monday, 23 June 2014


Saw this on twitter and checked it out on etsy. I think it would really make your home smell lovely!!

100ml Orange and Cinnamon Fragrance Oil for Home Fragrancing and Cosmetic, Toiletry, Candles and Incense  production

Check it out!!

Beginning of another week!

Hi there,
well Saturday's Handmade Show went well. We had lots of people come especially to support the fundraiser for the Narre Warren CFA.

Michele's family sitting at the raffle table.

Here is my stall.

My next market will be on July 6th in Belgrave South.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Off to Market we Go!!!

Well I am finally packed with a few extra goodies to go in the 
Big Raffle tomorrow 
for the fundraiser at the Handmade Show.

10.30am - 3.30pm
Sat 21st June
St Anthony's Parish Hall
Cnr of Neerim and Grange Rds
Glenhuntly (Melb.Vic)

Come and see me and support other local craftspersons.

Here's a look at last months stall :

So come along for a pleasant day out.
All indoors!!

My extra goodies?

Some of my wirewrapped pendants 
some of my handmade cards.
All unique!!

Wish me a good day!!!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Handmade Show Sat 21st June - Special Fundraiser

This Saturday's Handmade Show is very special.
A Special Cause is on our hearts... We're not usually a fundraising market but this month we are fundraising for the Narre Warren Fire Brigade. Why? In memory of Michele Sarkissian  A regular stallholder who had been with us since the beginning of The Handmade Show 4.5 years ago, a supporter of, and helper to, THS; she was also a volunteer fire fighter and the Fund Raising Coordinator for the Narre Warren Fire Brigade. Please help us to help them out as best as possible.

Read more here

Our Michele will be very much missed - Kiss Creations
Beautiful lady.

Here is our bear Mooki!

Our mascot 

From my stand - a couple of goodies :)

Joining us for the first time at the June market is Jazz/Blues guitarist Will Gijsbers.

Free face painting the kids from the lovely Kerry from :

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Vinnies Sleepout Tonight

Some facts about homeless people:

  • Social disadvantage a fundamental component of the relationship between trauma and homelessnessC #EOSleepoutAU
  • Embedded image permalink
  • Where's KairosCJ ? @VinniesVictoria #CEOSleepoutAU thanks to @iangris and to Martin Day @SVPHMelb @CathSocServVic
  • Vic homeless study: 88% met criteria for current diagnosis of a mental health disorder #CEOSleepoutAU
  • Almost $10 million in funds raised at Vinnies shops annually in Victoria is used to support people in need
  • There's almost 23,000 people homeless in Victoria
  • "The homeless don't have a loud voice. You do. You have power and connections. Act locally, and help us end this." Mark
How many of these facts did you know?? What can we do?? Something to think about ...........


Hey check out these boots!!

Artist/fashion designer Todd Oldham vintage black suede boots heavily adorned with multi-color beads throughout.



so so gorgeous!!!

Oscar De La Renta Boho Chic Jeweled Ostrich Runway Belt

a fancy belt - only $2400.00!!

I'll have two please!!!! 
Oscar De La Renta Boho Chic Jeweled Ostrich Runway Belt

any the body to go with it hey??

and then there's the Chanel Gun Shoes

Rare Chanel Metallic Gun Shoes New

good for orthopedic surgeons everywhere!!!!!

Lots of groovy stuff!

Here's a hat!!

Givenchy Haute Couture Colorful Broad Brimmed Hat

Givenchy Haute Couture Colorful Broad Brimmed Hat


Aahh but we can only dream :)

Tree of Life

I have been making a lot of pendants based on the Tree of Life - celebrating our links to our ancestors, growth, living, eternal life and renewal.

Here is my latest :

see them in my etsy store!